class VOID extends Request

VOID Request Type

Scalqa supports a concept of "void object" ("empty object"), please see Gen.Void.

Types with void values have to define implicit conversions from VOID

class Foo

object Foo:
 val void = new Foo with Gen.Void
 implicit inline def implicitRequest(v: VOID): Foo = void

// Standard void assignment is:
var v: Foo = VOID

VOID is a shortcut to assign void instances for many types

var s: Stream[Int]  = VOID     // Assigning empty stream of Ints
var o: Opt[String]  = VOID     // Assigning empty optional value of String
var i: Long.Idx     = VOID     // Assigning empty indexed collection of Long
class Request
class java.lang.Object
trait scala.Matchable
class Any
object VOID