trait Containers[BASE_TYPE]

Type Assigned Containers Setup

This trait customizes generic containers with given AnyRef type.

Customized.Containers are already mixed with Opaque.Data, so the application code usually uses them indirectly when defining data elements.

There is no performance difference when using customized vs. generic containers, just better readability. For example:

 val s: Stream[String]=VOID
 // is equivalent to
 val s: =VOID

 val o: Opt[String]=VOID
 // is equivalent to
 val o: String.Opt =VOID
class java.lang.Object
trait scala.Matchable
class Any
class AnyRef.Opaque.Data[AnyRef.Opaque.Data.A, REAL]
object BigDecimal
object BigInteger
class AnyRef.Opaque.Data.Ordered[AnyRef.Opaque.Data.Ordered.A, REAL]